Tons of people around the world are starting to make acupuncture sessions a regular part of their life because of the amazing benefits that come with each session. Athletes have always been extremely interested in acupuncture even more so than the average person. A lot of athletes are required to get a few sessions while some swear that they could not go without it.

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Vincenzo Nibali

Vincenzo recently won the Tour de France so his name has become pretty common considering it is one of the toughest competitions to even participate in. The draining three-week race meant he needed every method that could get him in peak shape faster. Nibali would take two acupuncture sessions a day along with the rest of Team Astana. The sessions helped the cyclists perform better and relieve the body pain that came with pushing themselves to the limit.

Kobe Bryant

The NBA player has very publicly advertised his love for acupuncture and the fact that he believes it has helped him along the path of his career. Bryant even posted a picture of his leg with acupuncture needles during a session on Twitter. A lot of other athletes followed suit considering Kobe is extremely respected in the world of sport.

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers have always been focused on having only the best on their team and their quarterback Rodgers does everything in his power to stay at that position. During his injury, one of the methods that helped Aaron recover faster was the many sessions of acupuncture that he started to take regularly. After that injury, he mentioned in a statement that his acupuncturist really helped the recovery so it is safe to assume that he will be dropping by for a few sessions even today.

Tony Richardson

Richardson is a Jets fullback that has always been at the top of his game but in 2010 he had bruised his ribs to the point where he could not play. Instead of just sitting on the bench he decided to give everything he could think of a chance so he could get back in the game faster. During this time, he was convinced that he should try acupuncture at the hands of Lisa Ripi. After sessions with Lisa, he was able to play a full game with minimal pain in his ribs. Because of this over 30 NFL players now depend on ancient Chinese medicine to get them in the game faster.

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