Accommodation costs can be an added cost when visiting Europe, but finding rooms that suit both your budget and travel philosophy doesn’t need to break the bank.

Find affordable hotels to visit throughout Europe without breaking your budget! From Malta’s charming cobblestoned capital to Albania, here are the cheapest European countries where hotel booking can keep your journey affordable.


Bulgaria is well known as one of Europe’s more affordable travel destinations, boasting an average overnight stay costing just 55 euros, according to price comparison site Trivago. Before visiting Bulgaria, it is important to remember several things. Accommodation costs tend to be lower in smaller towns compared to larger cities; hotel rooms may not meet Western standards; language barriers may present problems; as well as its gorgeous natural landscapes being part of its charm.

Bulgaria offers great value to visitors at any time of year, but the least costly periods to travel are March through May and September to November, when off-peak rates apply. Furthermore, booking a vacation package often works out cheaper than booking separately, as many travel companies (such as Guide to Europe) provide customisable holiday plans to fit every need and budget.

Bulgaria offers some of the lowest hotel and hostel prices in Europe for those on a tight budget, from simple guesthouses to upscale hotels. Homestay options may also help you save money while still giving you private room comforts; additionally, you’ll find cheap food and beverages in local restaurants and cafes.

Montenegro offers another budget-friendly destination. In addition to affordable hotels, car rentals, and food, you’ll find great bargains here as well. Enjoy exploring its mountainous terrain by hiking or horseback riding, or indulge yourself in budget beachside relaxation at Budva or Kotor!

Montenegro offers travellers an additional advantage: food and accommodation costs remain stable year-round, giving visitors ample opportunity to experience summer rafting on the Neretva River and Christmas markets in winter, as well as visiting its UNESCO World Heritage-listed city of Sarajevo at an affordable price. By planning ahead, you may even take advantage of local discounts and promotions!


Hungary stands out as one of Europe’s cheapest countries for hotel bookings, providing visitors with incredible value for their dollar. Expect to spend less on accommodation and food when travelling there than in many European destinations, plus off-season hotel rates tend to be cheaper and it’s easier to navigate through the city!

Budapest is an ideal budget travel destination, offering affordable accommodations and plenty of activities for visitors on any budget. Visitors can choose from an impressive variety of restaurants and bars, while most hostels provide extremely cost-effective lodging; finding rooms centrally located for as little as 30–40 euros per night can be achieved! Budapest also provides ample public transport access, making walking around easy as well.

If you’re seeking something more luxurious, Budapest has plenty of hotels that fit the bill. Some are set in historic buildings, while others boast breathtaking views over the Danube. Kayak’s search engine can help you quickly and easily locate hotels within your budget; simply take a look at photos and compare prices before making your selection!

There are also plenty of budget restaurants in the city where you can get a meal for two for less than $20. When selecting one to visit, be sure to carefully review its menu before booking and bring cash, as credit cards may not always be accepted in every establishment.

Varkerulet (District 1) offers another great accommodation option in Budapest. This historical area with cobblestone streets and an unspoiled natural setting is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting exquisite old-world architecture that’s sure to draw in guests of all kinds. The Great Synagogue, among many others, can be explored during daytime exploration, while in the evening you can relax at one of many ruin bars found within its borders.

Hungary boasts more than just Budapest: there’s also an idyllic lake with luxurious resorts and beaches, national parks offering dramatic landscapes and hidden villages, an underrated wine region offering delicious local cuisine, and much more.


Serbia is an excellent choice if you’re seeking an unforgettable European adventure without breaking the bank. From historic sites and mediaeval castles to great cuisine, music festivals, and excellent accommodation, Serbia offers visitors all they could ever need while being an economical way to see its best features.

Belgrade is an affordable country in which to book hotels. There is something available for every price point, ranging from budget to luxury hotels in its city centre, plus there are several cheap options offering free breakfast, Wi-Fi access, and spa amenities at competitive rates; off-season room bookings may even save up to 60% from peak season rates!

Staying in a luxury hotel that provides free breakfast and other amenities is another excellent way to save money, especially during off-season visits when prices are reduced and tourist crowds are thinner.

At an economical rate, hostel accommodation may also provide an affordable stay option; just be sure to reserve it ahead of time to save both time and money. This way, you will ensure a good night’s rest!

There are various methods of finding budget accommodations in Serbia, but the easiest is booking online. Many websites specialise in helping travellers on a tight budget find accommodations, showing all available rooms and hostels nearby as well as discounts if booked early.

Albania is one of Europe’s cheapest travel destinations and still remains relatively under-the-radar as a tourist spot. You can expect to spend less than 20 euros on meals, while other expenses like drinks and transportation are much lower. Tirana makes an ideal starting point, where there are affordable rooms in hotels like Agroturizem Gjepali.


Croatia is quickly becoming one of the premier backpacker destinations in Europe, and for good reason. It offers picture-perfect beaches, island vibes, stunning ancient architecture, delicious food (and alcohol!), dreamy cities, and isn’t overcrowded, so you’re likely to find incredible accommodation deals.

Croatia may have become more expensive as its popularity has increased, yet it remains relatively economical compared to other European countries. Hostel dorm prices start at just a few bucks per night, while private rooms start at $25. Additionally, visitors who travel outside peak season could save money.

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city, offers an abundance of affordable hostels and apartments. To secure the lowest possible prices for your accommodations, book at least 50 days ahead for maximum savings.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, offers another fantastic budget option. The city features mediaeval castles, gothic cathedrals, and cobblestone streets; hostel dorm beds start at only a few dollars, while renting out rooms in traditional houses costs approximately $28 per night.

Pula and Zagreb offer budget travellers affordable rooms as well as excellent public transport systems that operate round-the-clock. If travelling in a group, consider staying at a traditional Croatian family home called Sobe, where affordable rooms and delicious homemade meals await.

Hotel prices in Croatia depend on both your location and time of year; winter and spring tend to offer cheaper room rates, while tourist areas usually experience the highest costs between July and August. Most hotel room rates include breakfast, while holiday homes or private accommodations may not; these properties may have addresses that end with “BB,” which stands for “no breakfast.”.

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