We recently had to resurface the car park area in front of our office, and finding a company that could come and do a smaller job like ours was tricky. Luckily we managed to find a Glasgow driveways company that specialises in roads and tarmac. They came and carried out the work, but not before educating us a little bit about driveways and the process of resurfacing them. It was very interesting to watch and we thought we might go into detail about the process here. So without further ado, here’s our driveway laying rundown for beginners.

Glasgow Driveways Company Gave Us a Lesson

Most people don’t have the necessary time or knowledge to properly install a new driveway. Installing a new driveway is a very complicated task, especially if you are dealing with an older road with uneven terrain. Fortunately, there are several ways to cut down the overall amount of time needed to install your new driveway and help the Glasgow driveways company in their effort.

The basic elements of the new blacktop are concrete, rock, and asphalt aggregate, a semi-transparent tar-like oil product. A new blacktop begins with a fairly thick 4 to 8-inch layer of fine-textured aggregate for a firm, sturdy base. Next comes a thin layer of loose aggregates (the materials that are broken up into smaller pieces). Then, the next layer is made up of sand and coarse gravel. This type of blacktop has a smooth, flat surface and the finished product is often smooth and shiny when it is exposed to the elements.

New driveway Glasgow

Constructing the Layers

In order to create a smooth surface for your new blacktop, it is best to use a special concrete sealer. Using a concrete sealer helps to protect the finish from staining and fading caused by wind, rain, sunlight, and other environmental elements. Some people choose to add a layer of aggregate to the new blacktop after the sealer has been applied. This extra layer is called a sub-mix and it helps add additional stability and durability to the new blacktop.

Once you have applied the sub-mix to your driveway, you can then complete the installation by sanding the new blacktop down to the same level as your old driveway. The last step is to then smooth out any bumps or cracks with a trowel or a brush. You can also add a decorative coating to your new driveway using paint. Once your new blacktop is installed, you will be able to walk through it as easily as you would drive on a concrete driveway.

When To Call a Professional

Installing a new driveway is an important job and requires an experienced professional. If you are going to install a new blacktop yourself, make sure you follow the above-mentioned instructions in order to provide a smooth, shiny finish.

You can choose a color that blends perfectly with your home and the surrounding landscape. A blacktop can be an attractive addition to any landscaping project. {to any landscaping project. For many homeowners, adding a new blacktop can increase property value, curb appeal, and add value to your home

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