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Is Your Acupuncture Table Old & Worn? Visit These Edinburgh Upholsterers

Are you an acupuncturist living in Scotland? Having recently gone through the pain of having to have our massage and acupuncture table repaired, we want other people to be in the know when the time comes. For that reason, we have put together a short article on how you can repair your acupuncture table. We have also recommended a reputable team of Edinburgh upholsterers who will give your acupuncture table a new breath of life. This team, Nu Rest, have so many traditional skills and techniques between them, so you can be sure a great job will be done.

Read on and find out how to restore your acupuncture table to perfection.

Leather Upholstery Repaired Or Replaced

The easiest thing to become worn, ripped or ragged is the leather covering on your acupuncture table. Months or even years of many people coming to you for a relaxing treatment will have cause some wear and tear on the table. To either repair or replace this leather, Edinburgh upholsterers can give you a range of options. You could stick with leather, or move to another material like vinyl or pleather.  You may find that another material may be better for the purpose on the acupuncture table, though leather is the most luxurious.

Edinburgh Upholsterers

Padding Plumped Up Or Replaced

It is really important that when your clients visit, your table is comfortable and well-padded. As the months or years go on, it can be easy for the padding to grow lumpy and uncomfortable- rather like a mattress. Edinburgh upholsterers can reline your acupuncture table and ensure the padding is thick, comfortable and bouncy. This will vastly improve your clients’ experiences.

Wooden Frame Can Be Repaired

Lastly, the wooden frame of any table is important, but it is especially important for a massage or acupuncture table. Your client is putting their comfort and wellbeing in your hands. The last thing you want is a broken or unstable table. Edinburgh upholsterers like those we have mentioned are usually experienced in all manners of furniture restoration. This includes wooden frame repair. Some Edinburgh upholsterers can even treat your wooden frame to replaced veneers and a French polish if you so wish.

Edinburgh Upholsterers

Visit Nu Rest Edinburgh Upholsterers

If you think your acupuncture table could do with some care and affection from some professional Edinburgh upholsterers, then look no further. Nu Rest is one of the best Edinburgh upholsterers in business and they operate across the entire central belt. With over 60 years of experience, it would be silly to go anywhere else! Restore your acupuncture table to the height of its former glory with some re-upholstery today.


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