Therapy Through Sports

As previously mentioned acupuncture can play a significant role in the health and well being of people by providing a means of stress relief as well as relaxing muscles and easing tension. As well as acupuncture , sports can also pay a key role in your overall health and well being. 


Running is an excellent sport to do in order to improve your overall vitality as well as the state of your health and fitness.  One of the great things about running is that you can run almost anywhere as there are often treadmills at gyms , public paths , parks and routes for hikers that can be used to run on.  Running can help to release stress as well as improve overall mental health and recent studies have actually shown that after people have been running they have noticed a marked improvement in their mental well being. Further benefits to this form of sport as a form of therapy and relaxation is that it requires very little money apart from running shoes and kit in order to do.


Surfing is a growing sport within the UK which is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people getting involved in the sport. As with running surfing is increasingly having positive results on those who take part in the sport. As well as finding a sense of achievement people who surf or are trying surfing for the first time.

This sport has been used more recently as form of therapy for people suffering from PTSD and has proven to be highly successful. One of the reasons that people find surfing so therapeutic is the fact that they are in the sea and feel more connected with nature.  In terms of accessibility surfing is fairly acessible but for those that live in more urban areas trips would need to be organised so that they can enjoy the sport.




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