the risks of acupuncture models of accupuncture points

The Risks of Acupuncture: Are Acupuncture Treatments Safe?

Many people are unsure if Acupuncture is safe to use or not. People are curious as to how acupuncture works, how it was invented as well as what conditions it can be used for. Acupuncture was used thousands of years ago, originally in China. Acupuncture is a form of medical treatment to help people suffering from pain and other health conditions.  Many people are curious to know the risks of acupuncture as it is not a treatment used by many people. Although acupuncture therapy can have many benefits, there are also risks that come with this treatment due to the fact needles.

The Risks of Acupuncture

the risks of acupuncture accupuncture therapy

There can be a number of different risks that can be caused by acupuncture due to the fact that the procedure involves needles. The patient could experience bruising and bleeding at the site where the needle was put into the skin. The needles if not sterilised could infect the patient leading to serious health issues. However, most practitioners use needles that are thrown away after each person has used them. Another risk is that the needle may go too far into the skin. This may even hit a vein or a certain nerve that may cause severe discomfort.  These needles could also pierce into vital organs around the chest area. However, this is very rare but there is a possibility it may happen.


The Risks of Acupuncture: Picking the Right Practitioner


When considering acupuncture it is very important to make sure you go with a professional and trusted practitioner.  The best practitioners to use are the ones referred to by doctors. It is important to make sure you pick the correct practitioner because it is better to pick someone with good experience. Rather than a practitioner that doesn’t get good feedback. It is important to always let your practitioner know if you feel any pain during the procedure as this may cause discomfort throughout the treatment.

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The Risks of Acupuncture: Treatment


If you want to try acupuncture it is important to make sure you are getting the treatment that you need based on what symptoms you have.  When undergoing treatment and you don’t feel it is helping, it would be better to mention to your practitioner to ensure you are getting the best results. If you are getting treatment that isn’t helping it could mean the pain isn’t being treated properly and you may need to change your treatment plan.



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