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Acupuncture and how it can have Positive Effects on Your Health

Whether you have already given acupuncture a go or simply heard about the many benefits that it could be having on your body, this 4000-year-old practice is backed by enough research for it to be something everyone has considered at some point. Countless stories about how it was the last resort that turned someone’s life around makes people wonder exactly how it affects your body.

Depression and Other Mental Health

Anybody who has given acupressure a go will tell you that the benefits are not just physical. It can prove as a great way to improve your mental health as well. Information acquired from previous patients helped doctors conclude that regular sessions can actually be as helpful as the therapy for people dealing with depression. The logic behind this is that the needles affect your neurotransmitters.

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Arthritis affects millions of people around the world every day with tons searching for better solutions to the problem. The medication that is used to treat the disease can be extremely strong and needs to be taken daily. Acupuncture is an option people consider to reduce the pain associated with the disease without relying on heavy medication. New studies have even shown that Bee Venom Acupuncture which is when bee venom is applied to the points is a variant that can significantly reduce pain for arthritis patients.


A research where two groups of people both suffering from insomnia were conducted where the first group took their regular medication while the second group started undergoing acupuncture therapy as well.  The second group that added the treatment to their schedule saw better results and had an improved sleeping pattern as compared to the first group of people.

Image of skeletons with organs displayed to show how acupuncture improved health.

Childbirth and what comes after

Women dealing with pregnancy pain as well as pain after giving birth underwent acupuncture as part of a research study. This treatment is considered non-invasive and safe as compared to other alternatives to handle the physical and mental effects of pregnancy. It has also shown improvements in both the mental health of these women as well as easing the muscle pain that is felt during the pregnancy. Even after the birth of the child, mood swings and anxiety may creep in and acupuncture has some impressive statistics with many mothers choosing it as their solution. During pregnancy though, it is important to remember that there are some points that should be left untouched and having a great acupuncturist will make sure that is not something to stress over since you will be in safe hands.

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